Our Ultimate Polishing Cloth


Our Ultimate Polishing Cloth is a soft pre-moistened cloth made with coconut oil that cleans, waxes, polishes and protects surfaces.  

Our cloth can be used on Sterling Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Nickel, Chrome, Aluminum, Pewter, Stainless Steel, Porcelain, Furniture, Ceramic Tile, Watches, Jewelry, Coins, Sterling flatware, Tea sets, Instruments, Automobile bumpers and trim, Motorcycles, Boats, Snowmobiles, Household Appliances, and Tools.

Quick Start Cleaning:  Your Razzle Dazzle® Miracle Cloth is ready for immediate use and requires no wetting.  Always use on dry surfaces.  Cleans down to the shine by removing tarnish, surface scratches, heel and scuff marks from tile, water and heat rings from furniture, lime and rust from porcelain, starch build-up form iron bottoms, tools and much more.

  • Rub tarnished objects gently, for scratches and severely tarnished jobs rub vigorously.
  • Buff surface clean with a soft cotton cloth. (Do not try to wash clean, surface must be buffed clean.)
  • To maintain maximum moistness return Razzle Dazzle® Miracle Cloth to pouch and seal to prevent drying.

Important:  Not recommended for use on plated surfaces, such as silver plating or gold plating.  If used too harshly our Ultimate Polishing Cloth will remove any plating and or coatings. As an example, many Platinum rings have a Rhodium finish to make them appear more lustrous. Our Ultimate Polishing Cloth, if used, will remove this Rhodium finish.

  • Not intended for brushed metals and other metals intended to look dull.
  • The formation of tarnish or rust on metals after treated with our Ultimate Polishing Cloth is considerably retarded.
  • Use Razzle Dazzle® after cleaning with your Ultimate Polishing Cloth and buffing.  This will help to further retard tarnishing.

Helpful Tips:  When using on an old or unknown surface, test your Ultimate Polishing Cloth in an inconspicuous place first.

For Polishing Metals:  Rub a small section of the article to be cleaned, then buff with a dry cotton cloth.  Repeat until entire article is polished. Removes rust and corrosion.

For Automobiles, Motorcycles and Boats:  Do not polish in the hot sun.  First make sure that surface dirt has been removed and surface is dry.  Use a part of the cloth that has not been darkened by metals.  Polish a section at a time with your Ultimate Polishing Cloth and buff with a clean, soft cotton cloth. 

Do not use on painted surfaces as this will remove the shine or varnish used on top of the paint.

Discoloration of the cloth does not in any way affect its efficiency. 



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